Steve Bannon's WarRoom

Fact Check

Instagram censors Steve Bannon WarRoom post: Steve Bannon's WarRoom Instagram account reposted a tweet by Benny Johnson. The post included a video of Rep. James Comer (R-KY) announcing an investigation into the Biden family. Johnson tweeted comments with the video, saying "Republicans put Biden Crime Family on NOTICE in first press conference in Majority -- Best prosecution you'll hear today. 'This committee will evaluate whether this President is compromised or swayed by foreign dollars. This is an investigation of Joe Biden.'" Instagram placed a fact-check interstitial over the post, requiring user to click through it in order to view the post. The fact-check labeled the post "False Information," and linked to a PolitiFact article. The fact-check article was titled, "Instagram post falsely says Joe Biden found guilty of human trafficking." Bannon's post did not say Biden was guilty of human trafficking. According to Facebook, also owned by Meta as Instagram is, users fail to click through fact-check interstitials 95% of the time.