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Locked Account

Twitter temporarily locks account covering launch of SpaceX rocket: Stephen Clark tweeted Jan. 4 that the day before, Twitter had locked the Twitter account for his news site, Spaceflight Now. “We have appealed to @TwitterSupport,” Clark tweeted, with a screenshot showing the tweet and Twitter’s acknowledgment of the censorship appeal. “Our account was locked immediately after sending this tweet, which included a replay of the [SpaceX] rocket landing.” The screenshotted tweet said, “Watch as a 15-story rocket completes its supersonic descent back to Cape Canaveral this morning,” and included a video link. Clark added that the censorship for rocket imagery was not unique, as other “space news and photographer” accounts were temporarily locked by Twitter for rocket imagery too, including @johnkrausphotos and @nextspaceflight. Twitter locked the @SpaceflightNow account for “violating ... rules against posting or sharing privately produced/distributed intimate media of someone without their express consent,” according to Clark. The account, which has 484,700 followers, has been unlocked since.

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