Sidney Watson

Account Terminated

Patreon removes BlazeTV podcaster Sidney Watson's account: Sidney Watson, cohost of the You Are Here Podcast, tweeted a purported screenshot of an account removal notice she received from Patreon. The platform claimed that her page "has been removed for violating [its] Community Guidelines regarding Hate Speech," according to the screenshot. Patreon added "While we welcome impassioned debate and diverse viewpoints, we don't allow creators to propagate negative stereotypes or segregational content towards a protected community. Because you are funding this type of content on your Patreon campaign, your creator page has been removed." Watson responded to the notice on Twitter saying "I never actually post anything on Patreon itself, which means they're banning me purely based on what I've said on other platforms. And even then, reading through their guidelines, I haven't done a single thing listed."