Shawnee Mission School District Parents


YouTube deletes video of Kansas school board meeting where reportedly several parents and a Kansas state senator called for the district to remove its mask mandate: The Shawnee Mission School Board president, Heather Ousley, posted on Twitter that YouTube had deleted a video of one of their meetings "for violating community standards related to disinformation, based off of statements made by third parties during public comment." Parents and a state senator reportedly "called for the district to remove its mask mandate." However, Ousley responded to another Twitter user asking what the subject of the "disinformation" was by saying, "An individual indicated incorrectly that [COVID-19] wasn’t contagious and that masks cause cancer." She concluded her response, "someone threw a gas mask and someone else referenced the blood of Christ." A strike has been levied against the school board's YouTube channel. If they violate another policy and receive another strike within 90 days, their channel will be unable to upload any new content for a week. “That would be a serious interference to our work for a week,” said Shawnee Mission School District spokesperson David Smith.