Sensus Fidelium

Account Disabled

YouTube removes Catholic faith educational channel, then reduces to suspension: YouTube removed Catholic educational resource channel Sensum Fidelium. The channel's owner described the content as "[a] collection of Catholic homilies, apologetic videos, & other resources" designed to help users grow in faith. YouTube removed the channel for alleged "severe or repeated violations of our Community Guidelines." The platform added that "[s]pam, scams or commercially deceptive content are not allowed on YouTube," according to a user-generated screenshot. Sensus Fidelium appealed the decision, and after a brief unexplained suspension, YouTube restored the Sensus Fidelium account. The channel administrator told CensorTrack that it received no further details on why the Sensus Fidelium channel was removed or suspended. CensorTrack also reached out to the platform to clarify details of the incident, and according to YouTube the channel was removed erroneously.