Sean Davis

Locked Account

Twitter locks Sean Davis' account tweet for condemning 'Trans Day of Vengeance': Twitter locked Federalist CEO Sean Davis' account for condemning a post that was promoting a Trans Day of Vengeance. He said, "The cold-blooded mass murder at a Christian school in Nashville by an apparent transgender person came just days before a planned 'Trans Day of Vengeance' organized by the Trans Radical Activist Network." Twitter flagged the tweet for violating the platform's rules against violent speech. "You may not share abusive content, harass someone, or encourage other people to do so," the notice said, according to screenshots provided by The Federalist. It appears Twitter censored every post about the Trans Day of Vengeance, even if the post criticized the event. Twitter VP of Trust and Safety Ella Irwin tweeted that "The graphic was reported by a high number of users across our platform yesterday and yes, I'm sure the timing of that was due to heightened sensitivity to the language, given the tragic events in Nashville. We always evaluate tweets driving a sudden spike in user complaints."