Savanah Hernandez


Twitter suspends conservative reporter Savanah Hernandez, who was reporting on female swimmers against Lia Thomas, claiming "ban evasion": Conservative reporter Savannah Hernandez's Twitter account has reportedly been suspended. According to a report by The Daily Wire, Hernandez explained that Twitter claimed her account was removed because of "ban evasion." Hernandez, who had most recently been interviewing female NCAA swimmers speaking out against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, explained that her personal Twitter account had been permanently removed in 2020 with no reason being given. That account, according to the article, had covered Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests. After some time, she eventually created a new account for her podcast, Rapid Fire. This new account had no prior incidents before it was removed. According to the report, Hernandez stated that reporter Andy Ngo had alerted her that some Antifa related Twitter accounts had been targeting her for reporting because of her reporting against Thomas. She believes that this was the cause of her account's suspension, not ban evasion as Twitter claimed.