Santa to Jesus

Sensitive Filter

Facebook STILL censoring image of Santa Claus kneeling beside baby Jesus: According to a 2018 story, Facebook placed a sensitive content filter over an image of an artwork depicting Santa kneeling at the cradle of baby Jesus. A Snopes report in the same year claimed that sensitive content interstitials are not censorship, that the filter had been removed after appearing briefly, and that Facebook claimed that this was an automated filter that was a mistake. Interstitials are indeed considered censorship, however. Even if the filter is removed later, applying it in the first place is censorship. If Facebook claimed in 2018 that applying the filter was a mistake, this should not still be happening in 2020, yet it is. New instances of the sensitive content filter being applied to a post were observed on December 4, with those filters mysteriously disappearing several hours after the posts were made. No comment is available from Facebook at this time.