Ryan T. Anderson


Book critiquing the modernist perspective on gender identity and sex was temporarily de-listed on Apples iBooks app after it was permanently de-listed from Amazon and slapped with a 'sensitive content' filter on Twitter: Ryan Anderson's book "When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment" was de-listed from Amazon's massive marketplace and the image of it's cover was censored with a "sensitive content" interstitial on Twitter. His book, which criticizes the radical left's perspective on sex and gender, was then temporarily removed from Apple's iBooks app until it was ultimately returned a short time later. "Not to be out-woke by Amazon, Apple seems to be removing the book too," tweeted Anderson. Numerous users reported to Anderson on Twitter they could not purchase the book on Apple's app. Anderson eventually alerted everyone on Twitter that it had returned shortly thereafter.   

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