Ryan Fournier


Facebook fact-checker calls post false that purports to show Pete Buttigieg pretending to ride his bike to work to make it seem like he's saving energy: Lead Stories, a left-wing Facebook fact-checker, called a post purporting to show Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg pretending to ride a bike to work to make it seem like he's saving energy false. Lead Stories said the claim was made without proof and was false because a Department of Transportation spokesperson said it was. Lead Stories also pointed to the fact that Pete Buttigieg retweeted the original video of him with the caption "Great way to get around!" claiming Buttigieg would never do that if he was staging a publicity stunt because it would increase scrutiny of the situation. "So now an attempt to read Buttigieg’s mind is substituting for evidence like video footage," wrote The Federalist's Madeline Osburn. A similar video from The Federalist making the same claim about Buttigieg pretending to ride his bike to work was flagged as well by fact-checkers. In the video you can see Buttigieg retrieving his bike from an SUV that it appeared dropped him off closer to his destination so that he could bike the rest of the way.