Reddit moderator suspended for sharing article from the UK's Spectator that discussed the discussion platform's recent controversial hire: An article from the UK's Spectator, authored by Julie Bindel, recently covered Reddit's controversial hire of Aimee Challenor, a former politician who appointed her Father, a violent pedophile, to a senior position on her campaign. A moderator of the most popular subreddit on the platform discussing UK politics shared that article, which only briefly mentioned Challenor's name, and was subsequently suspended for doing so. Reddit later reinstated the moderator and said its automated moderation tools it had implemented to protect Challenor from "harrassment and doxxing" were calibrated to be "too broad." Bindel, the author of the article took to Twitter to blast Reddit. "Aimee Challenor, kicked out of the Greens and the pervy Lib Dems is now an employee of Reddit and blocking my article from the site as well as kicking anyone off who shares it and banning them," tweeted Bindel. In a separate tweet she remarked that she had received an email from a Reddit user that said the platform was "permanently banning" any users posting Bindel's article, or who mention Challenor by name in an attempt to protect her from being supposedly harassed.