Ron Paul


Ron Paul says his show could be suspended from YouTube for a week if platform denies his appeal: Ron Paul's "Ron Paul Liberty Report" could be booted from YouTube for a full week if the former Texas congressman's appeal to reinstate an episode of his show is denied by the platform. "ATTN: Ron Paul Liberty Report Viewers!" tweeted Paul. "@YouTube has notified us we violated their 'community guidelines' over a recent show about Bill Gates. If our appeal is rejected we'll be taken off the air for one week." Paul's episode, titled "“What’s in it for Bill Gates – Does He Want To Rule The World?” was removed for violating YouTube's COVID-19 vaccine misinformation policy, according to a screenshot of Paul's appeal he posted to his Twitter page. "It's the first step toward canceling the Liberty Report entirely," Paul continued in his tweet alerting viewers to YouTube's actions. "Help!"