Rep. Jim Jordan

Sensitive Filter

Twitter places sensitive content filter over Rep. Jim Jordan's tweet that contained video of him and Rep. Rodney Davis discussing "cancel culture" and the First Amendment: Ohio congressman Jim Jordan (R) tweeted a video of him discussing "cancel culture" and the First Amendment on Newsmax with Illinois congressman Rodney Davis (R). Subsequently, Jordan's tweet was tagged with an interstitial indicating "The following media includes potentially sensitive content," which users have to click through in order to view the tweet. Users can manually block such interstitials from appearing on tweets by changing their settings, but for users who don't change their settings the warning labels that Twitter places on tweets have potentially drastic effects on the content they may be exposed to. An article from ENGADGET reported that Facebook's Vice President of Integrity Guy Rosen shared "that around 95 percent of Facebook users don’t click-through the warning labels to view posts that are labeled for misinformation," which require a similar type of click-through action as sensitive media warning labels on Twitter. Users who are unsure about what to think, or who to believe, in today's public discourse on politics and other impactful subjects are especially vulnerable to the effects of these labels.