Raheem Kassam


Twitter locked Raheem Kassam's account for the phrase 'Ok, groomers': Raheem Kassam, Editor in Chief of The National Pulse, replied to a tweet by @BristolLibrary with the comment "@BristolLibrary Ok, groomers." It is unclear exactly which tweet Kassam responded to, but @BristolLibrary made a tweet the day before Kassam's response that read: "It's #pridemonth2022 It's also 50 years since the publication of Britain's first gay newspaper #gaynews and first Gay Pride March. It's also the month that the #stonewallriots took place. Celebrate these milestones in the struggle for justice and equality." Kassam posted screenshots of the violation notice Twitter sent him on his Instagram story. The photos show that Twitter "temporarily limited some of [his] account features" for 12 hours for "violating [its] rules against abuse and harassment." According to the notice, the policy bars users from engaging in "the targeted harassment of someone or incit[ing] others to do so," which  includes "wishing or hoping that someone experiences physical harm." It's unclear how Kassam violated the policy.