Project Veritas


Facebook restricts Project Veritas from posting for at least 11 hours: Project Veritas, an organization known for its undercover journalism videos, posted a video showing a Dept. of Human Health and Services doctor expressing skepticism and concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine. The video was posted to both the organization's Project Veritas Facebook page and its founder James O'Keefe's public page. CensorTrack previously recorded that Facebook removed the same video from O'Keefe's page, according to a screenshot provided by O'Keefe in an Instagram post. It appears that the same video was removed from the Project Veritas page and, according to another screenshot that O'Keefe provided in an Instagram video, the platform restricted the organization's ability to post for at least 11 hours because it "recently posted something that violates Facebook policies." Althouth it is unclear exactly how long the restrictions lasted, similar restrictions usually prevent the user from posting or commenting for 24 hours.