Project Veritas

Locked Account

Twitter censors Project Veritas video asking YouTube exec how much money Pfizer is paying to run cover for them: Twitter once again censored Project Veritas, though it quickly reversed the action, admitting that "it looks like we made an error," according to purported screenshots provided by James O'Keefe, CEO of Project Veritas. The tweet that led to the censorship was a quote tweet of a tweet from the Project Veritas Communications Director, Eric Spracklen. He was tweeting out a recent Project Veritas video in which Christian Hartsock, a senior reporter with Project Veritas, was attempting to question Matt Halprin, YouTube's VP and Global Head of Trust & Safety, about the platform's censorship of a Project Veritas video that seemingly showed a Pfizer director discussing one of Pfizer's products leading to mutating viruses. Spracklen added commentary to the video, tweeting "How much money does @pfizer pay @YouTube?" The Project Veritas account, in sharing this tweet, added its own comment, saying "Great question." While Spracklen's tweet was seemingly not censored, the Project Veritas tweet reportedly led to the organization's account being locked, with purported screenshots indicating that Twitter demanded the tweet be deleted for violation of its "rules against abuse and harassment." The screenshot indicated that once the tweet was deleted, the Project Veritas account would then be placed into a read-only restricted status for 12 hours. However, according to Project Veritas, after the account was "wrongfully locked out for nearly 2 hours," Twitter restored the account. MRC's Free Speech America has reached out to Twitter for comment on the case, but has not received a response as of the time of publication.