Project Veritas

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Civic Integrity Notice

Twitter labels Project Veritas video as a disputed claim, though it appears to contain firsthand testimony: Project Veritas has once again run afoul of the Big Tech arbiters. The organization posted a video to its Twitter feed with the following comment: "'We’ve done that for years!' Executive Director Kimberly Parker says... while admitting her organization has been illegally registering thousands of homeless to vote at the same address they don’t actually reside at in Atlanta. #GAVoterFraud." The video shows Parker, of Central Outreach and Advocacy Center, as well as the Director of Social Services from homeless shelter Emmaus House, both saying that the address of their respective organizations has been used to register thousands of homeless people to vote, despite the fact that according to the Georgia statutes, presented in the video, this is illegal. Twitter labeled this tweet with a "This claim about election fraud is disputed" label. The warning label used links to Twitter's voter fraud information page, titled "Voter fraud of any kind is exceedingly rare in the US, election experts confirm." The information page includes an unattributed summary of the voter fraud issue, as well as what Twitter deems to be "What you need to know" about the issue. It also includes multiple tweets from liberal media Twitter accounts about the major points that Twitter deems important about the issue.

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