Pro-Life Action League

Sensitive Filter

Twitter censors pro-life Op-Ed from USA Today: Pro-Life organization Pro-Life Action League tweeted a pro-life op-ed piece from USA Today. When the organization simply re-tweeted the article, titled "I was pressured to abort my children. For my first baby, I gave in," there was no censorship. However, when the organization also then quote tweeted it, adding their own comments that said, "'Let’s support women, not push them towards the violence and neglect of abortion.' Outstanding article by @cateici," Twitter added a sensitive content filter to the article preview so the user cannot even see what the article is without clicking through the notice. It is unclear why Twitter considers the op-ed to be sensitive content only when Pro-Life Action League pulls out a quote from the article and says a few positive words about it. Twitter did not consider it sensitive content when the piece was simply re-tweeted with comment from Kristen Day, Executive Director of Democrats for Life of America, @ProLifeDem.