Facebook censors PragerU video post depicting the dangers that police officers face daily: PragerU posted a video that they captioned: "This is what happens when a person reaches inside his vehicle. This is ALWAYS the risk. And it's terrifying." The video depicts what seems to be a standard police stop on the side of the road, with two police officers and the driver of the vehicle. The driver begins resisting, so the police tase him, multiple times. The driver is able to recover and evade the police to run around his car, reach in and pull out his gun, which he then fires upon the cops as they shoot back at him. He then drives away. Both officers were shot, though neither died. The beginning of the video shows a warning that PragerU applied to the video, which says: "WARNING: The following video contains images that some viewers may find upsetting." Despite the efforts to be responsible while still depicting the risks that police officers face daily, Facebook applied a Sensitive Content filter to the video. The filter must be clicked through in order to view the video. Not only do such filters give the impression of inappropriate content, similar filters have been shown to reduce user interaction with content.