Peter Imanuelsen


Twitter de-verified Swedish journalist Peter Imanuelsen seemingly without reason: Swedish independent journalist Peter Imanuelsen lost his blue check mark verified status on Twitter. Imanuelsen explained the incident on his Substack newsletter: "I have been reporting on news from Sweden for many years and I have never been censored before," he said. "But after I started reporting on freedom, all of a sudden Twitter decided to remove the verified blue checkmark that I have had for over 4 years, with no explanation." Imanuelsen had been tweeting heavily about worldwide protests against COVID-19 mandates, and most recently before his de-verification, was covering the trucker protests in Canada. Imanuelsen is not the first to experience the relatively rare type of censorship. Fox Business host Charles Payne, Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Chris Rufo, and MRC's own MRC Latino Director Jorge Bonilla have all been de-verified by Twitter.