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TikTok removes then restores MRCTV episode of Woke of the Weak with TR: In a TikTok clip of her show "Woke of the Weak," MRCTV Video Host and Blogger Tierin-Rose Mandelburg covered a TikTok video of a bearded "transgender woman" named Kaelie who complained that a mother expressed frustration that Kaelie used the women's single-stall restroom. Kaelie explained that Kaelie "just lost it" and began "screaming" and swearing at the woman in front of her two children. Mandelburg showed a couple of other videos showing drag queen shows geared towards children, and how one of the shows passed out "swag bags" of deviant sex paraphernalia. TikTok removed the video claiming it espoused "Hateful ideology." The platform explained "TikTok is a diverse and inclusive community that does not tolerate discrimination. Hateful ideologies are clearly hostile toward people because of their protected attributes." MRCTV appealed TikTok's decision and the platform later restored the video.