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TikTok removes clip of MRCTV's Nick Kangadis talking about the intelligence (or lack thereof) in the Biden administration: In a clipped episode of his show "Things That Need to Be Said," MRCTV Blogger/On-Air Host Nick Kangadis talked about several flubs and gaffes of the Biden "regime." "Remember it's not an administration. It's a regime because they don't care  how you feel about... well anything," he said. He later added. "I'm going to go down the list of the  menagerie of fools that make up the Biden regime. But I'm only going to show you one quote from each person because if I showed you all the instances of stupidity that has plagued the current regime, we'd be here until next Wednesday." TikTok removed the video and rejected MRCTV's appeal because "it was determined that [MRCTV's] content violates [TikTok's] Community Standards and cannot be restored."