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TikTok removes clip of MRCTV's "Reality Check" about the left co-opting a tragedy to push racial politics: In a TikTok clip of her show "Reality Check," MRCTV managing editor Brittany Hughes called out the liberal media for using the Buffalo shooting to gin up partisan based racial tensions. "According to a rambling mostly incoherent manifesto left by the shooter, he picked the spot because he knew the local population was about 80% black," she reported. "He identified himself as a white supremacist. Of course, he also said he's a Communist, identifies with socialism and hates Fox News. But that doesn't fit the preferred profile so the media are just kind of ignoring that part." Hughes went on to criticize the media for claiming that racism and white supremacy divide across partisan lines. "The simple truth here is that evil exists, and it has no one identity or ideology, doesn't have a skin color or a preferred victim profile, or a singular motive. It's just evil," she said. "But the left wants you to focus on the select examples that fit a worldview that they've carefully crafted. The one that says minorities are always the victims, white society is racist and violent.... They need the black community to live in fear." TikTok removed the video initially for alleged "[v]iolent extremism" less than an hour after MRCTV posted it. The platform later added that MRCTV violated its Community Guidelines on "[h]arassment and bullying" and "[h]ateful behavior" when it rejected MRCTV's appeal.