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TikTok removes clip of MRCTV's Nick Kangadis talking about a growing trend of assaulting comedians on stage: In a clipped episode of his show "Things That Need to Be Said," MRCTV Blogger/On-Air Host Nick Kangadis talked about a recent physical attack on comedian Dave Chappelle while he performed at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. "This is now twice in however many weeks that a high profile comedian has been attacked on a high profile stage. And I'm just going to say this now. It has to stop," he said. "If that means that someone needs to take a knuckle sandwich in their mush to understand that their violent actions aren't allowed, then so be it." TikTok removed the video and rejected MRCTV's appeal because "it was determined that [MRCTV's] content violates [TikTok's] Community Standards and cannot be restored."