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TikTok removes clip of MRCTV's Nick Kangadis talking about the latest thing leftists are offended by: In a clipped episode of his show "Things That Need to Be Said," MRCTV Blogger/On-Air Host Nick Kangadis talked about the how Disney opposed a Florida bill to prevent teachers from grooming children for sexual behavior. "[Disney] want[s] schools to teach five year olds about gay sex, transitioning to a different gender and engaging in whatever other activity that five year olds shouldn't be learning about," said Kangadis. He later added that "[i]t used to be that, once upon a time, people that wanted to do and teach things like this to small children were considered perverts! Why? Because they were perverts." Kangadis also called Nikole Hannah Jones a "dumb bastard" for claiming that tipping servers is perpetuating a legacy of slavery, and he pointed out that slaves typically don't receive "any money, let alone extra money for their labor." TikTok removed the video because it allegedly violated the platform's policy on "Hate speech" and "Harassment and bullying." TikTok rejected MRCTV's appeal.