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TikTok removes clip of MRCTV's "Reality Check" about how Supreme Court justices should be decided by their resume not their race: In a TikTok clip of her show "Reality Check," MRCTV managing editor Brittany Hughes blasted the Joe Biden administration for specifying that it would only consider black female candidates to fill Justice Stephen Breyer's Supreme Court seat. "According to reports, [Joe Biden] is going to stick to his promise to nominate the first black woman to the bench. Not a person who's qualified who just happens to be a black woman. No," said Hughes. "The heck with the rest of her resume and the fact that she may in fact actually be the best nominee on merit. The litmus test for initial consideration here is simply black woman." Hughes later added "What a slap in the face. How insulting must it be to have accomplished so much, to have worked so hard, gotten multiple degrees, worked your way up in a difficult profession, busted your butt for every one of your achievements only to be considered for the Supreme Court because you have the right amount of melanin." TikTok removed the video for an unexplained "Community Guidelines" violation but the platform later restored the video after MRCTV appealed.