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TikTok removes clip of MRCTV's Things That Need to Be Said with Nick Kangadis: In a clipped episode of his show "Things That Need to Be Said," MRCTV Blogger/On-Air Host Nick Kangadis talked about why "more and more Americans are united against [Biden's] regime." He pointed to the supply chain crisis and empty food shelves, growing inner-city homelessness and a national murder rate that is "the highest it's been in 25 years." He later commented on the work of intelligence agencies. "Agencies that were supposedly constructed to keep the country safe, take actual criminals into custody, and gather intelligence on our foreign enemies, not the average law-abiding citizen," said Kangadis. "Just take the Texas synagogue situation for instance. That was one instance. Forget the NSA spying on you, the IRS discriminating against people of certain political beliefs, the FBI possibly inciting violent acts by placing themselves within certain political groups, and much much more." TikTok removed the clip due to an alleged "Community Guidelines" violation of "integrity and authenticity" after it had allowed the video to remain on its platform for nearly a month. TikTok rejected MRCTV's appeal.