Mike Davis


Twitter locked Article III Project Founder Mike Davis out of his account for slamming politicization of Buffalo, N.Y. massacre: Snapshots indicate that Article III Project President Mike Davis has been locked out of his account for slamming former White House Press secretary Joe Lockhart for blaming Fox News and Tucker Carlson for the recent Buffalo, N.Y. massacare where 10 people were killed by a self-proclaimed white supremacist. American Principles Project Director of Policy and Government Affairs Jon Schweppe tweeted: "BREAKING:@mrddmia suspended from Twitter for disputing the false left-wing narrative surrounding the Buffalo shooting by linking to the shooter’s own words and including screenshots of the shooter’s attacks on Fox News." 

Lockhart tried to politicize the shooting in a May 14 tweet: "More blood on the hands of @tuckercarlson and @foxnews this killer used their racist talking points to justify killing 10 people. Carlson won't stop because as he explained to the NYTimes, it's good for ratings. Lives be damned. As Carlson will be at judgement day." A snapshot revealed that Davis' tweet that set the Twitter censors off was a rebuttal to Lockhart that read: 

"Disgusting and insane that Democratic operatives are already exploiting the murder of 10 by blaming Tucker Carlson and Fox News. The manifesto cites the internet (specific websites) as his inspiration (not TV) — and has an antisemitic meme attacking Fox News."

Twitter accused Davis of violating the "Twitter Rules" with his rebuttal.

The Article III Project's website says the organization "defends constitutionalist judges, punches back on radical assaults on judicial independence (like court-packing), and opposes judicial and other nominees who are outside of the mainstream."