Mike Davis


Twitter suspends Internet Accountability Project founder after he defends wrongly suspended Treasury Dept. official who was suspended from Twitter for comparing a CNN anchor to a fictional movie character: Mike Davis, the founder of the Internet Accountability Project, was temporarily suspended from Twitter after he defended former Treasury department official Will Upton, who was also suspended from Twitter for comparing CNN anchor Brian Stelter to "The Gimp" from the 1994 film "Pulp Fiction." Twitter first suspended Upton who made the post mocking the anchor. Then Davis tweeted in response: "You *really* put #bigtech critic @wupton in @Twitter jail for comparing @CNN’s @brianstelter to The Gimp in Pulp Fiction? I’d be (very) upset if I were The Gimp as well. But you know The Gimp’s a fictional character, right? Must’ve been a fake complaint." Twitter eventually said that it had suspended Davis "in error," the same explanation the platform gave when it wrongly suspended Upton as well.