Matt Christiansen


YouTube deletes podcast episode, Suspends channel for a week according to host: YouTube deleted an episode of Matt Christiansen's "The Matt & Blonde Show" for violating the platform's policy on medical misinformation, and reportedly suspended his channel for a week. "YouTube doesn't allow content that explicitly disputes the efficacy of local health authorities' or World Health Organization (WHO) guidance on social distancing and self isolation that may lead people to act against that guidance," said YouTube's notice to Christiansen telling him his video had been removed. Christiansen said that YouTube failed to provide the specific example of what violated its medical misinformation policies. The episode was titled: "#252 | Capitol Car Attack, Floyd Testimony, Gaetz Scandal, !Si Se Pwodway! | Matt & Blonde Show." YouTube denied Christiansen's appeal to have the video reinstated, indicating that after reviewing the content "carefully" the platform confirmed it violated their medical misinformation policy. "YT will not reverse, and will not say what specifically violated their policy," Christiansen said in a tweet. "The stream in question is 2.5 hours. YT issued this decision in 1.5 hours. Either they didn't watch, or they know the spot and won't say."