Matt Barber


Twitter permanently suspends Matt Barber: Twitter permanently suspended conservative author, cultural analyst and syndicated columnist Matt Barber for breaking "the Twitter Rules." According to a purported screenshot, Twitter placed permanently placed Barber's account in "read-only mode, which means [he] can't Tweet, Reetweet, or Like content." It is unclear if a specific post triggered the permanent suspension. Barber said he suspected his recent post on transgenderism led to the suspension. The post said, "Trans? As a Christian I love you, I'll defend you if you're attacked, but I will not lie & harm you by calling you something you are not, thereby feeding your disordered delusions. A 'transman' is a woman. A 'transwoman' is a man. In your heart you know this to be immutable fact." Twitter did not reply to MRC Free Speech America’s request for comment at the time of publication.