Martin Kulldorff


LinkedIn removes two posts from Harvard med school professor who is a well known coronavirus critic and epidemiologist: Martin Kulldorff, an epidemiologist and professor at Harvard Medical School, began relying on LinkedIn to post news, as well as his views and commentary, after Twitter suspended him for a month for questioning the efficacy of masks, according to a report from Just The News. LinkedIn has now reportedly censored two posts from Kulldorff. The first included a post promoting his interview on The Epoch Times' television program "American Thought Leaders." The post was titled, "Harvard Epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff on Vaccine Passports, the Delta Variant, and the COVID 'Public Health Fiasco.'" The post also included a thumbnail image of Kulldorff alongside text reading, "Dangers of Vaccine Mandates." The second deleted post reportedly included something reposted by Kulldorff. "The other was a repost from Icelandic business consultant Thorsteinn Siglaugsson on comments by the Icelandic government's top epidemiologist, who concluded mass vaccination couldn't stop COVID-19," reported Just The News. Kulldorff posted screenshots of the notice he received from LinkedIn alerting him that one of his posts was removed for violating LinkedIn's "policy on misinformation." Underneath Kulldorff's post describing LinkedIn's actions, the platform's "Social Support Team" responded with the following: "Hi Martin, if you think we made a mistake, you can ask us to take a second look by following the link in the email you recently received from the LinkedIn Trust & Safety Team. Thank you! TB." Kulldorff has been able to "like" snippets of his interview with The Epoch Times posted by others, which are still available on LinkedIn, but neither of his deleted posts appear to have been restored by LinkedIn.