Mark Davis

Locked Account

Twitter locked radio host Mark Davis' account for calling Rachel Levine a man: Snapshots shared with MRC Free Speech America showed that radio host Mark Davis was locked out of his account for twelve hours for a tweet that called transgender United States Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine a man. Davis' account has 35,400 followers. Davis told MRC Free Speech America that he was responding to news that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was censored by the platform for similar reasons. Davis' tweet said the following: "This is insane. A robust trans issues debate is fine. But there is no denying that #RachelLevine is a man. One can argue for one's wish to be considered female, use the pronouns, etc. -- but a consequence for an undeniable truth is evidence that we have lost our minds." Twitter accused Davis of "[v]iolating our rules against hateful conduct." Davis informed MRC Free Speech America that he immediately appealed the decision and rebutted Twitter's rationale for the censorship: "My posting recognized the value of the debate; my side is to claim that men cannot become women, a fact proven by science. There was no hate or harassment in practice or intent." 

Snapshots indicate that Twitter rejected Davis' appeal. "Our support team has determined that a violation did take place, and therefore we will not overturn our decision," Twitter told Davis. Davis said that Twitter's "policy" is "obviously to punish political views they disagree with and characterize them as hate speech." In effect, Davis said he wears the fact that his tweet set Twitter's censors off as "a badge of honor and view it as a form of civil disobedience." Davis said that he tweeted as soon as his account was restored that he stood by everything he said:

"To be clear: --I stand by everything I have ever posted. --I will never stop opposing gender obliteration, especially among children. --Speaking truth about gender, as created by God and defined by science, is not 'hate.'"