Love Norfolk Broads

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Facebook removes post referring to a scenic place because the name sounded offensive: The New York Post reported that users of the "Love Norfolk Broads" Facebook page had their accounts restricted when they mentioned "fishing sites at the Dyke at Cockshoot Broad." Users who mentioned the name of the scenic tourist spot received notifications that their posts contained “violence and sexual content,” according to the New York Post. However, as the Post pointed out: "the name isn’t even inappropriate in British vernacular. 'Cockshoot' is actually a hunting term that refers to the pursuit of a wading bird called the woodcock. Meanwhile, 'dyke' in this context simply means a barrier used to regulate or hold back water from a river, lake or even the ocean." Great Yarmouth Mercury later reported that Facebook, in a statement, admitted its mistake, saying "[w]e've clearly made a mistake here and apologise to users whose posts were affected. We're looking into what happened and will take steps to rectify the error."