Louder With Crowder

Deleted Content

TikTok removed a Louder With Crowder video for alleged hate speech: Blaze Media podcaster Steven Crowder started a Twitter movement to #TrashTikTok and later made a video in hopes of TikTok banning his account from the platform. "I failed," he said in a video explaining what happened. The video showed a snippet of the deleted TikTok video: "The nine dash line isn't real. Mao's 'Great Leap Forward' led to the death of 45 million Chinese citizens. On June 4th 1989 the CCP murdered thousands of protestors at the Tiananmen Square. Taiwan is, in fact, a real country and in fact not part of China," Crowder said in the clips. Crowder said that the video received over four million views before TikTok removed it for so-called hate speech. The platform later reinstated the video but as of Aug. 9, 2022 the video is no longer available.