Locked Account

Twitter locks LifeNews for posting a picture of an aborted baby: Twitter locked the account of pro-life website LifeNews for posting an image of one of the five viable aborted babies found by Washington D.C. pro-life activists. Live Action reported that the baby that LifeNews posted a picture of "has been estimated to be around 28-32 weeks – well into the third trimester, past the point at which the majority of experts agree that preborn babies can feel pain." A screenshot tweeted by LifeNews shows that the account tweeted a caption along with the image. "This is one of five babies killed in legal late-term abortions at an abortion center in our nation's capitol. whose body was recently discovered. [sic] This baby is a human being whose life was snuffed out before he was born. We MUST end abortion," it read.  Twitter removed the post for "[v]iolating [its] rules against posting media depicting gratuitous gore," according to the screenshot. The screencapped notification shows that the platform further explained "[y]ou may not share excessively graphic media (e.g., severe injuries, torture). Exposure to gratuitous gore can be harmful especially if the content is posted with intent to delight in cruelty or for sadistic pleasure."

LifeNews slammed the censorship in an April 18 write-up headlined, "Twitter Censors Image of Full-Term Aborted Baby Possibly Killed in Infanticide." "If aborted babies are just clumps of cells, why is Twitter so afraid of people seeing pictures of them? Ironically, in its threat to LifeNews, Twitter admitted killing babies in abortions is 'torture,'" Life News said.

According to the context given in LifeNews' report, "members of Congress and pro-life groups are calling for the D.C. medical examiner to conduct an autopsy of the five aborted babies whose remains were recovered from a Washington Surgi-Clinic." The outlet continued: "These five aborted babies may have been killed in violation of the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act or the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act. Multiple physicians who evaluated the remains of the five aborted babies recovered from Santangelo’s clinic have speculated that there may be evidence of the abortionist committing illegal partial-birth abortions or even killing babies that were delivered alive." is part of the Free Speech Alliance.