Just weeks before a presidential election an article from charging VP-candidate Kamala Harris with trying to put pro-life journalists in jail for uncovering evidence Planned Parenthood was selling aborted baby's body parts has been rated false by one of Facebook's fact checkers. This move not only reduces the article's distribution across Facebook's platform but also aims to persuade users the content of the article is false despite the fact checker's inability to directly debunk the article's claims. The fact check indirectly attacks the article's argument by basing its rating in large part on the claims that Planned Parenthood did nothing wrong. The fact check states that even though "a dozen states investigated Planned Parenthood" no criminal finding was ever reached against the organization for its "tissue sales." However, according to LifeNews, several state investigations, as well as U.S. House and Senate investigations, did find evidence of illegal activity related to second-trimester abortions and the disposal of aborted babies. The fact check also bizarrely confirms that Harris did indeed launch an investigation as California Attorney General that led to charges with possible jail time for the pro-life activists, but adds that the journalists weren't actually charged with violating state privacy laws until after Harris left for the U.S. Senate. Then in one of the fact check's more bizarre claims it said that the term "baby parts" used in the article "is wrong and greatly misleading." According to LifeNews the article was shared over 572,000 times before getting throttled by Facebook's fact checkers.