Libs of TikTok

Locked Account

Facebook locks Libs of TikTok out of its account for uncovering LGBTQ+ graphic books in schools: Libs of TikTok tweeted on July 28, "UPDATE: I'm locked out of Facebook for sharing pictures of the books available in school libraries. These books break guidelines on nudity and sexual activity but they are totally okay to be in school libraries for your children. Make it make sense."  According to the purported screenshot Libs of TikTok shared in the tweet, Facebook said, "Your post didn't follow our Community Standards on nudity or sexual activity." The screenshot also listed a previous July 24 post that it said "didn't follow our Community Standards."  Libs of TikTok quote tweeted what seemed to be the same offending content, over which Twitter put a sensitive content filter, "@TulsaSchools has the graphic books ‘Gender Queer’ and ‘Flamer’ available for students in many of their schools. Both books contain sexually explicit and pornographic content."  The screenshot said Libs of TikTok was locked out of the account for nine hours, but Facebook then removed a Libs of TikTok's Facebook post soon after the account was unlocked.