Libs of TikTok

Sensitive Filter

Twitter censors a local news video segment that Libs of TikTok account tweeted: The Libs of TikTok account tweeted about a "Gender Affirming Center" located in the Akron Children's Hospital. The account noted that "@AkronChildrens has a 'Gender Affirming Center' which offers puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. They treat kids as young as SEVEN. One of the doctors claims puberty suppression just 'buys time.'" The tweet was accompanied by a video clip from a local Akron, Ohio news station that discussed the center. Twitter placed a sensitive content filter over the video. Such filters require users who have not changed their settings to click through the notice in order to view the content. If the users have not changed their settings and are viewing the tweet on Twitter's mobile app, they are unable to click to view the content at all.