Libs of Tik Tok


Twitter censors popular LibsOfTikTok account for screenshots alleging DuckDuckGo hiring practices discriminate against white men: The very popular @LibsOfTikTok Twitter account shared screenshots found on 4chan in a tweet that read: "Interesting. @duckduckgo has some explaining to do." The accompanying screenshots purported to include a man's resume for a job at DuckDuckGo with all personal information but his name redacted; an alternate resume he allegedly wrote that changed the name and some other details with all personal information but the name redacted; the answers from both himself and the black lesbian woman he was pretending to be in the second resume to some interview questions that contained no personal information; and the email responses to both applicants from the DuckDuckGo recruiter. The screenshots of the emails did not redact the recruiters email address, but this was the only personal information that was not redacted. According to screenshots, Twitter let LibsOfTikTok know that the screenshots violated its rules against posting private information. The account was forced to delete the tweet, and was then served with a 12-hour read-only account restriction as punishment.