Lara Logan


Twitter flags tweet from journalist Lara Logan for missing context: A tweet purportedly showing Afghan Special Forces fighting the Taliban, from journalist Lara Logan, was flagged by Twitter for missing context. In addition to the video, Logan's tweet read: "Remember Sec Def Lloyd Austin told reporters 'you can’t buy willpower' & denigrated the Afghan mil by pushing false narrative that all gave up?Well here are Afghanistan’s Special Operations Forces/our allies still fighting. How long will Austin, Biden &co continue to ignore them?" When clicked on, the warning label asserting Logan's tweet is missing context takes users to Twitter's page for its "Synthetic and manipulated media policy." Logan accused Twitter of attempting to discredit her work. "Here’s a new tactic in the war to intimidate Americans: Twitter trying to discredit my work so I self-censor & no one hears the truth," Logan tweeted after noticing the label was added to her tweet. "On behalf of every one of us, I choose freedom over fear."