'Kyle Rittenhouse' Facebook Search Results

Search Suppression

Facebook shows zero search results for a search of "Kyle Rittenhouse" even though Google shows pages of results exclusively on the platform: 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse was charged for first-degree murder after he killed two men in self-defense during a Kenosha, WI anti-police riot. The incident sparked a notable amount of controversy and news coverage including on Facebook. However, users who search his name on Facebook will find zero results no matter which filters are used in the search and will be brought to a page that reads: "We didn't find any results. Make sure everything is spelled correctly or try different key words." A Google site search of his name on Facebook, by contrast, produces at least 18 pages of results. Facebook, however, produces search results when his name is paired with other keywords like "Kenosha," "defense," "gun," "shooting," or "killed" or when a user misspells his name "Kyle Rittenhouss." It is unclear when Facebook's search restrictions on his name began.



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