Julie Kelly

Community Notes

X Community Notes targets journalist critiquing presidential candidate: Independent journalist Julie Kelly reposted on X (Twitter) Nov. 9 a document from a U.S. District Court. Criticizing Florida Governor and GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, Kelly commented, “Two women from Florida arrested today on misdemeanor offenses for Jan 6. Yesterday the Florida governor’s spokeswoman said there is nothing he can do to help his own constituents. Winning!” X Community Notes then fact checked Kelly, claiming, “The two individuals referenced here are charged with federal crimes. No governor has the authority to pardon anyone for federal crimes. Only the President of the United States has the authority to help an individual charged with federal crimes a pardon/clemency.” But, as Kelly herself noted in another X post, there are other ways to help and support prisoners besides pardons. Kelly stated that 120 of DeSantis’s constituents are being targeted by the Biden Justice Department. “Has nothing to do with interfering with federal charges and everything to do with giving some support—like a phone call,” she added. Kelly also suggested a public statement or a roundtable with “victims of DOJ persecution.”

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