Jordan Schachtel

Fact Check

Facebook slaps two fact-checks on Jordan Schachtel's article alleging there is no FDA-approved vaccine available in the U.S.: Investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel tweeted Dec. 30 that "Facebook is currently blocking my latest article that proves w/out a doubt that there is no FDA approved COVID-19 vaccine currently available in USA. Pfizer admits this. So does federal govt. Their 'fact check' article from USA Today is blatantly false." Snapshots confirm the veracity of Schachtel's claims. The article in question, "Shell Game? There remains no FDA approved COVID vaccine in the United States," is slapped with a "false" tag on Facebook when users attempt to share it and includes two fact check stories by Facebook partners USA Today and Lead Stories. Faceboook's warning label claimed that "Independent party fact-checkers say this information has no basis in fact." Schachtel, who rebutted the censorship, stated that the USA Today article in particular claimed "that Comirnaty is indeed available in the USA, & that it is the same exact thing as the EUA shot. Those are complete falsehoods, and the FDA, Pfizer, and the CDC have confirmed that Comirnaty is NOT available." Schatchtel continued to dispute the USA Today article as the premise for Facebook's censorship: "USA Today fact checker, @dpfunke, falsely concluded this at the end. Entire graph is false. 1) The FDA-approved shot is NOT available in US. 2) The formulation for Comirnaty is NOT the same. 3) They did NOT 'change the name' of the EUA shot 4) Americans do NOT have access to it." Schachtel concluded: "This false article has been up for months and USA Today fact checker editor @ericlitke refuses to address the blatant inaccuracies."