Jonathan T. Gilliam

Locked Account

Twitter locked Sirius XM host Jonathan T. Gilliam's account for calling Rachel Levine a man: Sirius XM Host Jonathan T. Gilliam tweeted March 19 that he was "back after being censored by @twitter leftists!!!" MRC Free Speech America reached out to Gilliam for more information about the censorship and was informed that his Twitter account had been locked for twelve hours for calling transgender United States Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine a man, according to snapshots. The tweet in question called out USA Today for calling Levine one of its "Women of the Year:" "@USATODAY names their 'woman of the year' and surprise, surprise, they chose a man, @HHS_ASH 'Admiral' Rachel (Richard) Levine. Congratulations women and Admirals of the world, you've been cancelled by the leftists progressives." According to the snapshot Gilliam shared with MRC Free Speech America, Twitter accused him of "[v]iolating our rules against hateful conduct" and demanded he delete his tweet while they locked his account.

Gilliam posted about the incident on Facebook and slammed the censorship: "Show me where there is hate speech in this tweet! Locked out of communist @Twitter for 12 hours."