Joe Kent


Twitter censors Congressional candidate's campaign video: Joe Kent is a Republican running for the House of Representatives seat in the 3rd Congressional District in Washington state. He pinned a campaign introduction video at the top of his Twitter feed in March of 2021. The video tells his story in about two and a half minutes. It shows him in action while he was deployed as a Green Beret. It shows pictures of his family. It then very briefly shows some of the rioting happening in the district he is running in, where protest have been allowed to get out of control, but does not show any violence. Despite that, Twitter has placed a sensitive content filter over the video. Such filters do not allow users on the mobile app who have the sensitive filter enabled on their profile, the default setting, to view the filtered content at all. On the web version of Twitter, the users must click through the sensitive content interstitial in order to view the filtered content. Not only do such filters give the impression of inappropriate content, similar filters have been shown to reduce user interaction with content.