Jessica Millan Patterson


Twitter suspends Calif. GOP chairwoman due to suspicious activity, fails to tell her what that activity was: Jessica Millan Patterson is the first Latina woman to serve as the California GOP's chairwoman. Twitter reportedly locked Patterson out of her account, which suspended her ability to tweet, retweet, comment or like other's tweets. Twitter has not identified for Patterson what exactly the suspicious activity was that came from her account, the chairwoman said in an interview with a local San Diego news outlet. "Social media should be a place where diverse thoughts and opinions are able to be expressed and welcomed," Patterson said in the interview, "and unfortunately Twitter is kind of showing their true colors here by not being responsive in helping me to get back access to my account." The reporter interviewing Patterson asked her if she thought Twitter was targeting her because of her political affiliation with the Republican Party. "I don't know the reason because Twitter hasn't responded to us, but certainly it does leave open the suggestion that that could be it," she replied. Patterson pointed out that while she has "been sidelined by Twitter" California's Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has "had an open mic free on Twitter." Gov. Newsom gets to speak freely about topics such as reopening schools, Patterson noted in the interview, but "there's not a lot of people out there to counter and say 'listen, we are the slowest in the nation when it comes back to getting our kids in school," she added, "and over 40 percent of our students are still doing exclusively remote learning."