Jeremiah Dieujuste

Permanent Ban

TikTok permanently banned a user after he posted a video about what viewers can do if their employer requires them to receive a COVID-19 vaccine: Jeremiah Dieujuste a conservative podcaster who goes by the name "Jmanny" told CensorTrack that TikTok removed his account after he posted a video about "How to Fight Back Against Vaccine Mandate From Employer, School, Etc..." In the video, he advised viewers to tell their employers they wanted to wait until the FDA approved the vaccines, clinical trials were complete, and risk assessments had been conducted. He also said those who do not want a vaccine should not quit their jobs but force their employer to fire them. TikTok notified the user with over 145K followers that his account was "permanently banned due to multiple violations of our Community Guidelines." It is unclear whether and to what extent his last video contributed to his permanent ban.