Jenna Ellis


Twitter censors former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis over using the word "groomer": Former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis was censured by Twitter over a tweet using a seemingly now taboo word. Ellis was quote-tweeting a Libs of TikTok tweet about a high school French teacher who posted on Instagram a picture of himself dressed in drag for a staff variety show, explaining how excited he was to share his drag with his students. According to purported screenshots shared to Twitter by James Lindsay, Ellis's comment on the tweet said simply "6roomer." She most likely was attempting to evade Twitter's AI to avoid being censored over using the word "groomer," but her attempt failed. According to the same screenshots, Twitter claimed the tweet violated its "rules against hateful conduct." Ellis' account was locked until she deleted the tweet. Additionally, the screenshot showed that her account was placed in a read-only restricted mode for seven days as a result. Twitter did not respond to a request for comment.