James O'Keefe

Sensitive Filter

Twitter gives tweet containing video from inside an immigration detention center a 'sensitive content' warning label: James O'Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, tweeted out video footage from inside the Donna, TX immigrant detention center, which eventually garnered a "sensitive content" interstitial. The text that accompanied the video in the tweet described the footage: "BREAKING: Project Veritas Obtains Horrifying NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN Images From Within Donna, TX Immigrant Detention Center; THOUSANDS of Illegal Immigrants PACKED Into Tight Spaces And Wrapped In Space Blankets On Floor; Insider: '50+ COVID Positive' #BidenBorderCrisis." Twitter censored the video by placing a "sensitive content" filter over it, which requires users to click it to view the video. Tech executives have indicated that similar filters diminish the total number of users who ultimately view a piece of content. Interstitials also act on a user's perception about a piece of content.


Breitbart News reported that a Twitter spokesperson told them that the "potentially sensitive content" warning was "incorrectly applied" to O'Keefe's tweet by one of Twitter's AI algorithms. The spokesperson added that the label had been removed.